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Belfast News Titanic Quarter Station
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Belfast News: Titanic Quarter Station

100 years on from the sinking of world famous liner Titanic and as part of Belfast's centenary celebrations the city has renamed an East Belfast train station in keeping with the new branding.

From now on Bridge End Station which opened in 1977 and which has now been refurbished as part of the rebrand will been known as Titanic Quarter station.

With the opening of Titanic Belfast just days away the move is welcomed more as a tourist gimmick rather than anything else but there is concern that Belfast is now branding itself around a tragedy where so many lost their lives and that the city's true maritime heritage has been obscured by a rush to profit from the ship's sinking.

The centenary year has or will see the opening of Titanic Belfast, the opening of a memorial garden and the branding of an entire area of Belfast as Titanic Quarter at huge expense but real treasures such as Gustav Wolff's cottages have been demolished and Edward J Harland's home will be lost as NI Assembly seeks to sell it off.

To many these commemorations are in fact celebrations aimed at separating tourists from their money over what is in essence a tragedy!

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Updated: Wednesday, 28th March 2012 13:56